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Trying to do art for fun not for artschool.

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Posted by BrownieBazooka - June 10th, 2020

Hello there, lads. How have you been?

I'm having some difficulties on my life recently, some emotional and academic issues since quarantine started some time ago here in Argentina. Here's go a personal update written in broken english.

I'm doing my best to recover myself and enjoy the life like it is right now. I'm trying to put my mental health first and study too (just a bit), I draw and updating my pages but not as often like before, as I say previously, I decided to put my mental health before so I stayed away from social media. An advice that I want to share with you is if you find something like a hobby or any activity that give you good mood, you should keep doing or enjoying that thing.

Also, I'm working on traditional paintings that I would like to share with you after finish them and I'm (slowly) working on a crime theme comic. Here some sketches of that stuff!


Sketch for the traditional paintings project


Sketch for my comic.

If someone wants to look my wips and drafts soon i'll be updating my sketch thread!


Thanks for reading and all the support, guys!


Posted by BrownieBazooka - February 8th, 2020

Hey, well... I had an account on NG but i dont know why i cant recover it. But, anyways. FIrst of all, I dont speak English so well,because I have some problems with the conjugations and verbal tenses. I speak Spanish if you interested.

My alias is Brownie, or Bebe or BB, i'm 21. I'm an artschool student.

Some time ago, like 2019, i fed up with posting art, because I was on the wrong way, instead i searched for some attention and I was feeling a rough frustation about my drawing skills.

Yes, i dont posted drawings or paintings but i never stopped doing these. I was grinding on fundies and anatomy books for a while and trying to improve my eye in terms of gesture and likeness (idk if I achieved this yet, that's dissapointing(?)

So, I decided to put my heart on Art School works, there are some works that i liked it but i dont feel like this is what i'm want to do at all. I noticed that my sketchbook is full of studies and thumbnails but none of them was for a real personal project.

I like to do characther desing and comics, i want to do some of that but i'm feeling very insecure because i dont do that since some years ago... I will try to do that this year. If not, well that will be a shame.

If somebody is interested for talk or something just DM me.

Good night.